Not many have heard about Factory Entertainment, but it's one of the companies that I follow with great interest. It's similar to EFX and Master Replicas, but they don't have a Star Wars licence to my knowledge. I have already bought some of their items, mainly from the James Bond line and I can tell you, the quality is there. The material of this replica is
all metal machined construction and plated in 18 ct gold.

JAMES BOND - GOLDEN GUN 1:1 REPLICA - Signature Edition + Artist Proof # 2 of 15 Worldwide

I'm gonna start with the gun replica. It's from the second Roger Moore James Bond movie, The Man With The Golden Gun from year 1974. The main villain is the legendary actor Christopher Lee that we all know from Star Wars prequels, playing Francisco Scaramanga in the movie. He's one of those actors that I respect very highly. He goes to the gategory of Alec Guinness, Gregory Peck, Clint Eastwood etc, definitely one of the greatest names in the history of filmmaking. He's now 90 years old and still active in the business. He has made more films than any other living actor and has performed roles in 275 films and counting. He's a real trooper and one of my favorite actors of all time.

These Golden Guns are released both in signature and limited editions. The signed edition was by both Christopher Lee and Roger Moore.

The golden gun is also Artist Proof that are limited only into 15 worldwide. Mine is AP#02. Nice to have a very lo number, i think Roger Moore has number 07 and Christopher Lee has number 01 :). The plaque says 400, but it means there are 400 signature guns overall. It comes also with a acrylic case and stand for the gun. As for the bullets, you can open the gun and place a bullet into it. The trigger moves, but of course it doesn't fire anything or do anything, since it's complete static replica. Still, it's a nice touch that you can actually place a bullet into it. The certificate of authenticity is something really unique and special. It's hard to display it with the gun, but it's something pretty cool as a design.

Then we got Roger Moore, who happens to be my number one Bond. I was raised watching his movies and Man With Golden Gun was my first Moore flick I ever saw. Still the very first Bond was Living Daylights to me, followed by Licence To Kill, because these two came out when I was a kid in 1987 and 1989. I think I saw Dr. No quite early also, but nevertheless Roger Moore was the one that I liked the best. He had the humor, the charisma with the women, also he had the best villains like Jaws, Scaramanga, Mr. Big/Kananga. For all the true Ian Fleming and James Bond book fans, perhaps Roger Moore was the least favorite of them all, since he was quite a jolly person, quite the opposite to Daniel Craig for example, but I loved him and he's still my favorite Bond to this date. Also, I believe Roger Moore's Bond movies are rated as the worst, but to me they're the most entertaining, fun rollercoasters of them all.

Prop Story:

This stunning 1:1 scale prop replica of the Golden Gun, officially licensed by Danjaq LLC and EON Productions, has been created after meticulous study and research of the original props in the EON archives as well as interviews with original cast and crew. With an all metal machined construction and plated in 18 ct gold, the replica can be assembled and disassembled into its component parts, exactly as per the original prop;
To allow you to display this item to maximum effect, each replica includes a high quality display base, acrylic stand and acrylic cover.

Also included are a detailed prop story booklet, certificate of authenticity and set of ‘blueprint’ style instructions.

This very special dual signature edition includes a numbered signature plaque that details its edition number, provenance and authenticity that has been personally hand signed by both Sir Christopher Lee and Sir Roger Moore, commemorating their roles as Francisco Scaramanga and James Bond respectively. Factory Entertainment is honored to be able to bring you a signature edition prop replica bearing the autographs of these legendary actors. This item is highly limited to just 400 pieces worldwide.

Each Golden Gun replica is supplied boxed in 007 presentation packaging suitable for archival or display, which is protected and contained within a sealed outer brown shipping carton.


*Fountain Pen – Forming the ‘barrel’ of the replica, the pen screws directly into the body of the lighter. Includes removable thread cap.
*Lighter – With a hidden ‘slide out’ section the lighter forms the main body of the replica. The lighter ‘lid’ opens to reveal a breech chamber.
*Cigarette Case – Open the end to create the handle and trigger housing of the replica
*Cufflink – With sprung blades, the cufflink screws into the trigger housing to create the trigger which can be pulled.
*Bullet – A replica bullet inscribed with the 007 legend that can be fitted into the ‘breech’ of the cigarette lighter or displayed separately.
*Assembled Replica Length 9.5” (24.13 cms)
*Display Case Width 16” (40.6 cms)
*Signature Edition 400 pieces worldwide, Artist Proof 15 pieces.


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